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When you're ready to publish your site, just connect to the FTP server by clicking the FTP Server Connect/Disconnect button in the toolbar, or by going to File in the menu bar and clicking 'FTP Browser'.

If this is your first time connecting to FTP through GoLive, you will need to set up your server information.

To do this click the down arrow next to the 'server' field and choose, 'edit server'

Click the 'new item' icon

You can now enter your server info and click 'ok'.

Nickname: The name of your site


Directory: Left Blank

Username: As your account

Password: As per your account.

You will now be able to click the 'connect' button to connect to the server. The server directories appear in the FTP tab of the site window.

Using the FTP tab is the simplest, most flexible method for uploading your site. And, using the FTP tab keeps the modification dates of your uploaded files on the server in sync with your local files. This lets you streamline and customize the file transfers by using the Incremental Upload, Modified Item Upload, Upload Selection, and Upload All commands.

You can also upload selected files or folders by dragging them from the Files tab of the site window into the desired location in the FTP tab. The files or folders are automatically uploaded.

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