Here at Insight Hosting we endeavour to stay in touch with registrars around the world so that we can keep up on top of issues affecting our industry. Through this network we have been made aware of a phishing scam, targeting domain name owners. We feel it is our duty to let you know that these emails (shown below) are NOT being sent from Insight ... Read More »

May 1st New Web Hosting Affiliate Program (you sell we pay)

We are offering 75% payment on every new customer you bring to Insight.You recommend and sell a hosting package to one of your customers or friends and we pay you 75% of the first year fee... It's that simple... For example if they spend €100 on an new order then you get €75.We will do this for every new account you send us. "Its a no ... Read More »

Apr 11th "Heartbleed" OpenSSL Questions

It recently came to light that there was a serious programming error within OpenSSL, endangering encryption keys and data of SSL connections on the Internet. This allows anyone to read out the memory of vulnerable servers. Specifically, this means an attacker can read keys, passwords and other private information. There is more information about ... Read More »

May 17th Adverse performance on our mail server platform

14:31 --

We are currently having adverse performance on our mail server platform, and are investigating the causes.

We expect to have them back to normal operation soon, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.



15:19 - This has now been resolved.


Insight Server Team

May 17th Mail and FTP server reboots

Mail and FTP server reboots

We are currently rebooting all FTP and Mail servers in order to apply critical system updates. Both services may be inaccessible for a short period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.

This should take approx 10 mins

Insight Server Team


May 15th Server Reboot Notification

Just a short notification to let you know that we will shortly begin rebooting our Linux shared web hosting servers in order to apply a mission-critical security patch. At no point were any of our servers compromised, but it is very important that we patch this bug in order to prevent any possible attacks. Websites may become inaccessible for ... Read More »

Apr 15th Important information for WordPress users

Web hosts across the world are currently experiencing a huge DDoS attack that is specifically targeting WordPress installations on shared hosting platforms. A number of other web hosts have started removing access admin login areas; however we don’t want to do this as it mean you can’t access your website’s control panel. We are ... Read More »