New Web Hosting Affiliate Program (you sell we pay)

  • Friday, 1st May, 2015
  • 16:30pm
We are offering 75% payment on every new customer you bring to Insight.

You recommend and sell a hosting package to one of your customers or friends and we pay you 75% of the first year fee... It's that simple...


For example if they spend €100 on an new order then you get €75.

We will do this for every new account you send us. "Its a no brainer !" we do all the work and setup and you get 75% of the fee.

Joining our affiliate scheme is completely free and you can be up and running in minutes. With no limits on how much you can earn and cookies that last for 365 days, our affiliate program is one of the most attractive schemes around.

You sell we pay !

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