Mail and FTP server reboots

  • 17th May 2013
Mail and FTP server reboots

We are currently rebooting all FTP and Mail servers in order to apply critical system updates. Both services may be inaccessible for a short period. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.

This should take approx 10 mins

Insight Server Team

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Server Reboot Notification

  • 15th May 2013
Just a short notification to let you know that we will shortly begin rebooting our Linux shared web hosting servers in order to apply a mission-critical security patch. At no point were any of our servers compromised, but it is very important that we patch this bug in order to prevent any possible attacks. Websites may become inaccessible for ...
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Important information for WordPress users

  • 15th April 2013
Web hosts across the world are currently experiencing a huge DDoS attack that is specifically targeting WordPress installations on shared hosting platforms. A number of other web hosts have started removing access admin login areas; however we don’t want to do this as it mean you can’t access your website’s control panel. We are ...
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