One Click Install Apps


All our hosting packages come with our 'One-Click Install Apps'. Install 60 + Apps, Forms & Scripts from your control panel in seconds.

Install software for your website quickly and easily with our one click install library. We have over sixty click applications of free, open source solutions ranging from blogging platforms to invoicing software. 


  • WordPress One-Click Install

    WordPress One-Click Install

    Our most popular one click install, WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems in existence and powers some of the world’s biggest brands. Easy to use and extremely versatile, WordPress has an extensive support community and thousands of third party themes, plugins and frameworks to help you create amazing websites.


    Joomla One-Click Install


    With Insight Hosting, you can set up WordPress quickly and easily using our one click install. If you’re building WordPress websites on a regular basis or want a hassle-free workflow, just head to the Scripts section of your Hosting Account control panel to create sites in seconds.

  • Joomla One-Click Install

    Joomla is a popular content management system and provides a complete framework for your website. Highly customisable and easy for clients to pick up and use, Joomla can be used for everything from galleries to personal blogs to business sites. 

    Install Joomla in seconds on your Insight Hosting Account with our one-click app, which guarantees a perfect hassle-free installation every time.

  • Drupal One Click Install

    Drupal One-Click Install

    Winner of multiple Open Source CMS awards, Drupal is an attractive and easy to use content management system suitable for designers, developers and clients alike. Similarly to WordPress and Joomla, Drupal has a customisable template system so you can make your website unique without trawling through endless lines of code. There are also thousands of free and premium templates and plugins available online in addition to a very active support community.

  • Opencart One-Click Install

    Opencart One-Click Install

    A great ecommerce platform for the typical online store, OpenCart is easy to pick up and use, yet includes all the features necessary for a successful web business. OpenCart includes comprehensive sales reports, search engine optimisation tools and a straightforward design template system straight out of the box for easy customisation. 

    Using our OpenCart one click install, you can set up working stores for yourself or clients and start making money straight away – just head to your Hosting Account control panel to install OpenCart at the touch of a button.

  • Concrete5 One-Click Install

    Concrete5 One-Click Install

    Designed for all experience levels, Concrete5 is a comprehensive content management system offering both WYSIWYG editing features and a complete template system with easily accessible code for those who prefer to have full access. Concrete5 is an advanced platform that offers the flexibility designers and developers need to create a wide range of different websites, ranging from magazines to ecommerce solutions to photography showcases and much more. From your Hosting Account control panel, you can take advantage of our one-click installer to set up as many implementations of Concrete5 as you like, streamlining the process of creating powerful and attractive websites for yourself or your customers.

  • LAMP Stack One-Click Install

    LAMP Stack One-Click Install

    Our LAMP stack includes Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl and Python, so you can take advantage of a versatile web development platform suitable for an extensive range of projects and applications that you can create and deploy on your own terms. Get your LAMP stack set up in moments thanks to our auto installer for Hosting Accounts. From your server control panel, you can choose to set up LAMP and various other one-clicks without the fuss of convoluted installation processes.

  • Prestashop One-Click Install

    Prestashop One-Click Install

    Our one-click install of PrestaShop means you can set up a complete ecommerce solution on your Hosting Account in minutes. With our unlimited auto-installer, you can set up as many online shops as you need. All include unlimited products and categories, integrated payment systems and design templates for a customised look and feel, allowing you and your customers to enjoy full control. 

    PrestaShop hosting with Insight Internet makes building and running your online stores even easier thanks to fast installation and revolutionary high-powered Hosting Accounts.

  • phpBB One-Click Install

    phpBB One-Click Install

    Create your own active forum community using phpBB. One of the oldest and most widely-used messaging board systems around, phpBB has thousands of extensions and themes so you can fully customise your users’ experience and build a unique community.

    Suitable for both small closed groups and large open communities, phpBB is highly scalable and has an active support community on hand to help you with any issues.

  • Zencart One-Click Install

    Zencart One-Click Install

    Zen Cart is a complete shopping cart solution aimed at anyone looking to start their own online store. Offering you complete control over your products, presentation and functionality, Zen Cart has a comprehensive control panel and dashboard system so you can manage orders and customers efficiently. 

    In addition to a highly effective support community, Zen Cart also has a good range of add-ons and extensions which you can use to develop your customers’ shopping experience. Thanks to our powerful Hosting Accounts, you can enjoy an optimised Zen Cart performance with an easy one-click install for fast set up.

  • Tomatocart One-Click Install

    Tomatocart One-Click Install

    TomatoCart is a versatile ecommerce platform which allows you to set up feature-rich online stores for yourself and your clients. Get full control over how products are displayed, avoid listing fees and scale your business further with your own web shop.

    Adding TomatoCart to a Insight Internet Hosting Account couldn’t be easier thanks to our one-click installer which eliminates lengthy uploading and configuration processes for a fast, perfect set up every time.

  • MediaWiki One-Click Install

    MediaWiki One-Click Install

    Create your own wiki for text, images and other media using MediaWiki. This open-source solution powers Wikipedia itself, and can be fully customised and adapted to your needs. In addition to easy design and customisation options, the MediaWiki platform has a detailed wiki help guide including extensions and code you can copy and paste to customise your website further. 

    Set up MediaWiki on your Insight Internet Hosting Account using our one-click installer and create a useful community in seconds.

  • CMS Made Simple One-Click Install

    CMS Made Simple One-Click Install

    A lightweight yet reliable content management system, CMS Made Simple is a great solution for designers and developers looking to create attractive, feature-rich websites that clients can manage easily. If you create websites for your customers to manage themselves, or you’re looking for a fuss-free way to build sites, CMS Made Simple can be installed multiple times on your Hosting Account completely free of charge in seconds.

  • SurgarCRM One-Click Install

    SugarCRM One-Click Install

    Using our SugarCRM one click install allows you to set up your own advanced system for managing all your customer relationships and information from one easily accessible place. SugarCRM has been designed to help you store details of customer accounts, contacts, calls, sales leads, meetings and more, making it ideal for a wide variety of online and offline businesses. A handy dashboard shows the most successful leads, the sales pipeline, and the month-by-month outcomes. 

    If you and your team need to reply on a safe, well-organised system accessible from the web, install SugarCRM using our auto-installer for Hosting Accounts.

  • StatusNet One-Click Install

    StatusNet One-Click Install

    Create your own social community with StatusNet. Whether you’re looking for an internal solution to keep team members in the loop or you’re looking to bring together a group of people for a hobby project, StatusNet has everything you need to keep organised and stay in touch. 

    Help your team collaborate more efficiently for free; StatusNet creates an excellent environment for problem-solving and sharing ideas. To get started, order your Insight Internet Hosting Account and log in to your control panel to access our StatusNet one click installer.

  • Bugzilla One-Click Install

    Bugzilla One-Click Install

    Bugzilla is a comprehensive bug tracking and reporting system suitable for a wide range of organisations and applications. Used by Mozilla, Gnome, Open Office, The Apache Project and many more tech-based organisations, Bugzilla is completely free of charge and can be installed in seconds on a Insight Internet Hosting Account using our one-click install system.

    As well as software bug tracking, Bugzilla is also a great solution for hardware development, system administration and deployment management. Backed by an enthusiastic community and a very active development team, Bugzilla is an excellent organisational and time-saving asset.

  • Elgg One-Click Install

    Elgg One-Click Install

    Create your own social network using our Elgg one-click install. Suitable for groups and communities of all sizes, Elgg is a great tool to streamline online communication for general chat or business collaboration. 

    Elgg is easily customisable, and the range of plugins available means you can tailor it to your community’s needs with very little effort. The platform has a loyal following and the support community is on hand should you need any help. To get started, simply order your Hosting Account and log in to the control panel for hassle-free installation.

  • Gallery One-Click Install

    Gallery One-Click Install

    Organise and display all your photos and other images online using Gallery. Ideal for personal and professional image storage and display, Gallery is easy to use and can stand alone as a whole website or be integrated into another platform depending on your needs. Gallery also supports various other media including audio and video, making it easy to create your own personal media hub.

    Avoid convoluted installation processes by installing Gallery through our one-click system for Hosting Accounts. It’s completely free to use and means you can create beautiful galleries in seconds.