How do I create a mail box?

Creating mail boxes inside Online Control Panel is nice and easy, and can be done in just 3 steps:

1) Login to your control panel
2) Click "Mail Boxes" in the "E-Mail" section of the eXtend panel homepage.
3) Enter the name of your mailbox (The part before your @yourdomain.tld), an appropriate password, and then click "Create".

This will then show in your "Modify Mail Boxes" section. It can take up to 60 minutes to be fully created, but after this time, your will function correctly. Clicking on the mailbox hyperlink as shown in "Modify Mail Boxes" will perform an automated login to our webmail system. Alternatively, you may wish to configure your domain in a mail client such as Outlook/Thunderbird.

Please be aware that if you delete a mail box all the messages currently stored in it will also be deleted. However, we have added an option that will allow the current messages to be forwarded before the mail box is deleted. If you want to use this feature simply enter an email address in the box above the list of mail boxes.

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