I've changed the MX record for my domain. Why am I now unable to receive email?

MX Records change where email is delivered for a domain. Insight Hosting offer the flexibility to change that location via your control panel with us, however if you make such a change to an IP address outside of the mail server we have setup for you, once the change has been made we are no longer able to support any email issue for your domain as those messages will not go through us and all mailboxes with us will not have any messages delivered to them.

In this event, you can either : -

1) Reset the MX record to point back to us, in which case once the DNS change has propagated throughout the network, email will start working through us once more, or

2) Verify that you have set the correct IP address for your external mail server and change it accordingly if it is wrong, and also verify the mail server is accepting email on that IP address.

Please note that Insight Hosting can not support external mail servers as they are not inside our network.

And please be aware that MX record changes, like all other DNS changes, can take up to 24 hours to propagate around the internet.

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