Company Email Hosting and Cloud Email Services Cork Ireland

Insight Hosting offer full standard POP email accounts free with all hosting accounts. You can also avail of our advanced mailbox service (larger mailboxes with spam filtering and virus protection) for a small additional charge for each mailbox you wish to upgrade to advanced.



Just Email


POP Email Addresses

Create a better business impression with your own company email address. Improve Your Business Image. Ask Yourself which email address creates a better business impression or The first thing businesses do when the receive an email with a company domain name is they lookup the company under the domain name. ISP adresses like,,, etc. are domestic email addresses. They should not be used for business correspondence.


Multiple Email Addresses

We offer multiple email addresses at your company's domain name with all of our hosting packages. This means you can have separate email addresses for each member of your staff as well as generic addresses such as,, etc.


Unlimited Autoresponders

You get unlimited autoresponders with each hosting package so you can set up an automated reply to any email sent to a specific address. This allows you to let customers know that you have received their message and that they can expect a reply shortly.


Unlimited Forwarders

You can automatically forward email from any of your email addresses to any other email account anywhere in the world.


Control Panel & Setup

You can set up your own email accounts via your online control panel or we can set them up for you.


Access your email anywhere

With our email package you can access your password protected email from any computer, allowing you to work from home. You can even read and send emails while you are on holiday.






Microsoft Exchange Email Server


Microsoft Exchange email hosting - personalised using your own domain name. Superb range of email hosting packages available to meet the needs of businesses and independent workers alike. 


Take Outlook everywhere you go

Constant access to your email from your desktop PC, or using a web browser or compatible mobile phone.


Centralised storage for easy access

Email, calendar and contacts are all updated in real-time, so you’ll always have the latest information.

Never lose a phone number - your contacts are stored centrally and always available.

Never miss a meeting - changes to your calendar are sent immediately to your computer or mobile device.


Personalised email for life

Don't tie your email hosting to your broadband internet provider. Keep your own personalised email addresses with you for life, regardless of which ISP you use.


Reliable and fully secure

Fully secure - your data is stored and backed up in our state-of-the-art data centre.

Virus & spam protection - Essential for professional email hosting. Industry-leading virus scanning and multi-level spam filtering.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange - Exchange email hosting technology without the expense of maintaining your own hardware.